Abstract Submission has been closed.
Thank you very much for your application.

Submission Period:
Begins 9:00, Monday, December 20, 2004
End 12:00, Monday, February 14, 2005
Please note that submissions must be followed by a complete registration.
You can correct/modify your submitted paper(s) within the submission period. Please note that correction/modification after February 14 cannot be accepted.

Application requirements:
The presenting author should in principle be a member of the Japan Neuroscience Society.
Presenting authors may submit only one paper. (Special lectures and plenary lectures are not included in this restriction.)
Non-members of the Societies should apply for membership as soon as possible. If the procedures for membership have not been completed by the day of the presentation, the paper may be disallowed.

Those who membership applications are currently being processed, please input (00) and select "members".
List the presenting author as the presenter.
Please complete advance Conference registration and remit the Conference participation fee before submitting a paper for registration.

Abstracts must be prepared in English.

Presentation style:
The Program Committee will select papers to be presented at Oral and Poster Sessions.
The details will be announced in our website. Oral presentation time will be 15 minutes. Congress prepares only PC projectors.

How to submit:
Papers must be registered online using the UMIN system.
Please access the official website (http://www.congre.co.jp/neurosci2005/) and follow the instructions.
To register a paper, Conference registration must have already been completed.
If you have not yet registered to attend the Conference, please do so first.

Submission procedure:
Abstracts will be accepted in English only. Please prepare an English abstract.
Data to be input includes type of presentation, category, names of authors (up to 15 names, with presenter's name first), institutions (up to 10), contact information, email address, title of presentation, abstract body. Please note that limits on number of letters and number of authors' names must be strictly observed for the paper to be accepted.

Submitted abstracts will not in principle be edited or proof-read before printing. Responsibility for the text lies with the submittor.

The program Committee will select papers to be presented for oral or poster presentations and will notify all applicants of the results by e-mail around April 2005.

Contact Information:
Convention secretariat: Neuro 2005 Convention Secretariat

c/o Congress Corporation
Kohsai-kaikan Bldg., 5-1, Kojimachi, Chiyoda-ku Tokyo 102-8481 Japan

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