For Session Organizers/Chairpersons For Symposiast and Speakers Delivering Oral Presentations For Authors of Poster Presentations

For Session Organizers/Chairpersons
Please report to the Organizers/Chairpersons Receiving Center on the 2nd floor at the Pacifico Yokohama Conference Hall at least 30 minutes before your session is scheduled to begin. And show up at the Next Organizers/Chairpersons Corner at the meeting room you are to attend. We request that all participants carefully adhere to the schedule.

For Symposiast and Speakers Delivering Oral Presentations
1. Language
* English.
2. Presentation Time
* In symposium the time allocated for each presentation depends on the chairperson of your session. Please follow the chairperson’s instruction.
* In general oral sessions the time allocated for each presentation is 15 minutes (10 minutes presentation; 5 minutes discussion).
3. Guidelines for Oral Presentations
* All presenters are required use the computers that will be provided in the meeting rooms and to use a Microsoft PowerPoint(R) file. Microsoft PowerPoint 2000 or 2003 under Windows XP will work on the presentation PCs.
* Visit and submit your presentations on either CD or USB memory to the Speakers Ready Room on the 1st floor at least 30 min before the starting of your session.
* Your data should be stored in the folder which name indicates the presentation number and the name of the head presenter (Ex. O2A-01 Miller).
* Run through your data in the presence of an operator at the Speakers Ready Room.
* Your data will be transmitted to the meeting room of your session via LAN.
* You can operate your presentation using a remote mouse and a monitor at the speaker’s podium.
* We will prepare time indicator on the speaker’s podium. Please be strict about the allocated time for smooth procession.
4. To speakers those who want to present movies or sound data
* Please bring your own notebook PC by which your sound or movie data can be presented and use it for your presentation.
* Run through your presentation using your own PC at the Speakers Ready Room.
* If you want to use loud speakers in sound presentation, please request us in advance.
5. To speakers those who want to use Macintosh
* As we cannot prepare any Macintosh computer, please bring your own Macintosh notebook and use it for your presentation.
* Run through your presentation using your own Mac at the Speakers Ready Room.
6. Presentation Format Requirements
* Make your presentation data in format of PowerPoint 2000 / 2003 for Windows. Please confirm the data run on Windows XP.
* Even if the version of your PowerPoint data is older than “2000”, there is no problem in case you confirm it runs on XP.
* Use only the standard fonts provided with Microsoft Office (MS Mincho, MS Gothic, Times New Roman, Arial, Century, etc.)
* The screen resolution will be XGA (1024 x 768). The circumference of images larger than these dimensions cannot be shown; If the ratio of images are different from XGA, it may display incorrectly. Be sure to adjust your screen setting to XGA.
* When saving your data to a CD-R, please make sure that the disc is in hybrid format. Avoid using packet-light format, as it is not compatible with some PCs.
* If you plan on using video images and sound by linking to animation file or sound file, be sure to save them in the folder with the PowerPoint file.
* If you use Macintosh data in your presentation, there is no restriction about software and its version of it, as you should bring your Macintosh notebook. However, if you use “Keynote”, we recommend you are to prepare the data transformed to PowerPoint format just in case. In this case, please be sure to use only MS gothic in fonts and check it in advance.
* Please be careful about color scheme taking into consideration for persons who are achromatopsia.
7. To Speakers Using Your Own Notebook PC
* The OS version of your notebook PC should be newer than Windows 98 or Mac OS 8.5. Your PC should have video output.
* If your PC’s video output is not a Dsub-15 pin like VAIO or iBook, etc., please obtain your own adaptor for connecting to Dsub-15.
* Be sure to bring a power cable; a power sources (100V) will be provided at the meeting rooms.
* All energy-conserving functions such as screen-savers, sleep/power-saving modes and the like must be disabled on all notebook PCs to be used in the presentation.
Inquiry about Presentation:
Neuroscience2005 Convention Secretariat
TEL: +81-3-5216-5551 FAX : +81-3-5216-5552 E-mail:

For Authors of Poster Presentations
1. Poster Session will be held at Exhibition Hall B of Pacifico Yokohama. A pedestrian deck interconnects the Exhibition Hall and the Conference Hall. Please report to the Poster Registration Desk in the Hall B before displaying your poster.
2. Display your poster by yourself in a designated panel. Your 3-digit presentation number will be indicated on the panel.
3. Please use pushpins prepared at each panel.
4. The poster displaying space is 160 cm wide by 170 cm high.
5. Use English in your poster.
6. Please display the title, name and affiliation in the upper part of your poster.
7. Presenters are required to put on ribbons that will be provided at the Poster Registration Desk.
8. Posters on display beyond the designated time will be removed.

Presentation No.

P1-001 – P1-306

P2-001 – P2-303

P3-001 – P3-295


July 26 (Tue)

July 27(Wed)

July 28(Thu)









Explanation/Discussion  Uneven No.




Even No.








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